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Foreign Currency Exchange

Being one of the major traders of banknotes through authentic sources and reputed banking channels, we sell / buy a wide range of foreign banknotes on wholesale and retail basis.

Traveller’s Cheque

We buy world-renowned brands of traveller’s cheque, such as Thomas Cook, American Express and Citicorp, which are available in eleven major currencies.
Here again our “Customer First” approach ensures that we pass on the best rates to our customers and buy the Traveller Cheques.

Instant Remittances with Speed Remit

Bank Drafts, Cash over Counter, Direct Transfers to Bank Account & Door to Door Service. Speed Remit is the fastest and safest way to send your money worldwide.

Direct Credit to Bank Account in India

Express credit to any bank account within 24-48 hours

Bank Transfer

Our wire transfer service enables funds to be sent anywhere in the world at competitive rates and usually within 24 hours through an extensive network of banks and selected agents worldwide. Furthermore, Bank Transfers enables direct credits to customer’s bank accounts in most countries. Local bank transfers against USD, HKD and various other currencies

Commercial Payments

Our excellent correspondent relationship with leading financial institutions enables us to provide foreign currency transfer services for your business needs locally and worldwide. Another example of our “Customer First” approach can be noted from our commitment to service your needs across the counter, we offer instant “Over the Counter” payments to your beneficiary in Dubai.


“I have been using REL for the last three years and I am extremely happy with their rates and service.”
Joyce Lucena

“They are centrally-located, so I can go there in my lunch break, and they offer me the best rates.”
Pooja Kapur

“A friend of mine told me how much the bank charged her to send money to the Philippines, and I told her to use REL the next time.”
Maria Moreno

“I needed to send money urgently to the UK recently and REL were courteous, efficient and gave me a fantastic rate.”
Andy Taylor

“I have to send money to my family every month. After a lot of research, I have discovered that no one gives me a better rate than REL.”
Vicki Shutanto

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